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Lasell Village, an award winning senior housing community, invites you to think of retirement in a whole new way — with an emphasis on active, intellectually enriched living.

The Village combines the security of a continuing care retirement community with the cultural, social, and recreational opportunities of lifelong learning.
Designed on the scale of a small New England neighborhood, Lasell Village is located on a beautifully landscaped 13-acre site on the campus of Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts, a suburban community 10 miles west of Boston.

At the Village center is the clock-towered Town Hall building, surrounded by fifteen residential buildings all connected by enclosed walkways. The Town Hall provides a full range of amenities from personal banking to sophisticated dining, while each residential building includes at least one common space dedicated to continued learning and physical fitness.

Life at Lasell Village reflects the interests and imagination of Village residents. A focus on living and learning is the defining characteristic of Lasell Village, and one that makes it unique among retirement communities.

Although it is one of a growing number of college-affiliated retirement communities, it is the first to feature a formal, individualized and required continuing education program for residents.

The presiding philosophy of education at Lasell Village is that learning is not a chore or task, or even a specified activity. Rather, it is a way of being — an approach to life in which we pursue interests and new experiences that enrich our lives.

Lifelong Learning
… a way of being …
Lasell Village, sponsored by Lasell College, is home to some 225 residents in its independent living apartments. The Village also includes Lasell Studios, a 9 apartment supported living unit and Lasell House, a 38 bed skilled nursing facility. Open since May 2000, the Village combines the elements of
•lifelong learning
•retirement living
•support services
•short-term rehabilitation
•long-term care.

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